Almost Millionaire


Out and about in the wilderness I saw an old head tryin to spit at another old head. He was digging deep into his bag to try and get her, said she favored Aretha Franklin and was failing till he pulled the church card. What transpired next is the story of an almost millionaire. He said he wrote some song in the early 90’s and gave it to his choir director and didn’t do anything with it. 10 years later Kirk Franklin came out with a song of the same title and made millions off of it. He said if I would have put my song out that money would have been mine.

Tough break n***a reverberated loudly in my equilibrium followed by you want a cookie? At what point in life do people count almost successes? How do you incorporate an almost win into you spit game? No one gives a s**t that you almost did something great. That’s like people saying I almost hit the lottery if I would have played that number. Or I almost got that girl’s number but I’m a wait till I see her again. Man I would’ve made 5 g’s if I rolled that hard eight, I almost had it. There are many shades of gray in the wilderness but absolutes always remain supreme. Imagine how many times Warren Buffett almost made a million before he touched it. You think he counts those or he counts the actual billions in his various accounts? You already know the answer to that one.

I guess people get so accustomed to losing and defeat that they count almost wins as a constellation prize or some s**t. Then they wonder why certain people really accomplish things. The thing is they don’t count the quasi failures it’s too time consuming. The time you spend telling the story and coming up with excuses for coming up short is detrimental. Remember almost doesn’t count to a king; only the definites do.

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