Still A N**a #3

I must need to start playin the lottery or somethin cuz every time I go out of town and try to come back home I always get “randomly selected for further screening.” This s**t is annoying to the twentieth power. At an airport that shall remain nameless and these fools made me almost miss my flight cause of the shakedown they did on me. I put all my bags up on the belt walked through no problem. Then one agent tells me to walk back thru again. Now all of a sudden the machine goes off and I am randomly selected. I swear theses clowns got a lil button on they side or something and use that ish as an excuse to f**k with random people of color. This is the first time these dorks swabbed my hand lookin for residue like I just finished baggin up or some something. I then ask the TSA agent why am I always randomly gettin selected for further screening. I told her this ish happens to me all the time. She says its random and I asked how random is it if I am always gettin pressed out? She aint have no answer. Then these dorks made me open up my daughter’s baby bottles up and and held some litmus test up over it. Do I look like a terrorist to you muthaf**kas? Cause I just look regular to me. What are the odds that I always get pulled over not only that I was with my family; not only that We almost missed our flight. To all you rose colored glasses, pocket full of posies saps if racism don’t exist why have I been consistently gettin stopped over the past 5 years? It’s a damn shame a brother always getting profiled for no damn reason. If we would have missed that flight you would have heard about me on the news cause I was ready to display my full arsenal of colorful language on these fools. A brotha can’t never catch a break. After all your still a n***a whether you deny it or not. These muthaf***as Maaaan…….

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  • DF

    Homie, that happens to me too! We are on the watchlist homie and it ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. In fact it happened to me so much I knew the code when they wrote it on my ticket. Big Master is watching and making sure you aren’t one of those plastic explosives under your nuts kind of guys.

    • King Jae

      That’s crazy tho man they make it so obvious that its laughable. They say make sure you get there an hour ahead of time. I always add an extra half an hour to it because I already know its some hijinx about go down. I remember one time they stopped me because my shirt was too baggy. I aint never heard such a thing. I aint wore a baggy shirt since big white tees went out. The nerve of these dorks

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