Still A N***a Moment #2


I just recently went to some fancy restaurant with my wife to celebrate our anniversary and was reminded of my blackness. From the moment we walked in there the waiter acted like he hated me personally like I just f***d his daughter or robbed him at the ATM 20 minutes before I got there. We had a coupon from one of those deals sites and he demanded to have it straight away. Yet when he waited on another table they had the same one and he didn’t demand it from them.

He pretty much was a ghost at my table but did everything at the other one; refreshed the water the whole 9. People that weren’t even waiting on us did what he was supposed to do. My wife wanted to take her food because she was full and mind you we just had seen him put the other tables food in a to go box. He didn’t do that for us my wife had to do it herself. Then I was in the middle of eating desert and he slammed the bill down we didn’t even ask for. Sad part about it is that the chef that owns the restaurant came and talked to us and said he seen us in their before and was really a cool dude. But the people he got working for him is f***ing his money up.

Imagine how many other melanin men and women received the same service we did. As result the chefs business is struggling. The thing I noticed about all those deals sites is the majority of restaurants that have those are on the verge of closing and offer deals as last resort to try to keep the doors open. His livelihood is about to get f***ed up because of this particular imbecile. It always amazes me how people act like my money isn’t green in certain spots. Like I didn’t work hard to get it or something; like I just found a bag of ill gotten proceeds in the bushes like that Sopranos episode. Funny how I’m cool in my skin but it makes other people freak out and get in their feelings. Ah well don’t blame me blame God ya Jesus freak you. After all God don’t make mistakes according to your religion. Talk to em Trick.

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  • miles

    Did you hip the chef to what the employee was doing?

    • kingj

      I didn’t get a chance to. Just as I was about to tell him one of his waiters came said that his sous chef needed him. I was pretty much ready to bounce at that point cuz it was at the end of the meal. Had to dip cuz my wife was bout to act a donkey on the waiter

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