Still A N***A Moment

Every once in a while people like to remind you that they are firm believer in stereotypes and that their valuables aren’t safe around you. This still a n***a moment was sponsored by Vitamin Shoppe and this ignant ass white lady. I breezed through their cuz I was runnin low on a multivitamin that I can only get there. When I walk in the store the employees had carts and were restocking the shelves. The way the store is laid out the sports nutrition supplements are on the back wall. This b***h was all the way at the front of the store; I paid her no mind and walked to the back of the store to get what I need. I look on the shelf for a minute cuz they rearranged it. I finally find it and turn around to walk to the register and I damn near trip over this b***h. She tried to pretend she was stocking somethin on the shelf behind where I was standing but their was nothing on her cart. I just looked at her and shook my head. She looked down in shame because she knew I knew what she was doing. She was watching me to see if I was gonna steal some s**t. Why would I steal something from a store I come to on the regular? That would be way past retarded. I walked up to the register and the brotha workin there jus shook his head because he seen what just went down. I gave him the nod, paid for em and got ghost. Everybody nowadays is quick to say we are living in a post racial America since Obama get elected the first time. But the average person of color still experiences the same profiling and continues to be victimized by stereotypes and the idiots that believe them on a daily basis. If we are living in a post racial America why was I stereotyped by a nothing ass clerk that I make more money than? I guess she just watched Menace to Society before she came to work that day or something. Racism is alive and as ignant as ever kings. Always remember no matter what social circles you transcend to in life you will as be a n***a to them. We all we got. Dap the next brother you see instead of mean mugging him or actin like you don’t see him because at the end of the day he is goin through the same struggle you are.

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  • Miles

    I get that same n*gga moment feeling when I:

    1. Walk past cars and hear the car alarm medley playing
    2. Get hemmed up in a subway terminal by metro security whilst literally hundreds of people go by unaccosted.
    3. Walk into a store and upon exiting see a security guard post up.
    4. Pass white women who clutch their purse like the chalice of truth is inside there.
    5. Get called n*gger for sitting behind some raggedy old white lady on the bus.

    All these things have happened to me PLUS the obligatory driving while black. Go figure.

    • kingj

      Tell me about it king. Its gotten to the point I can predict when its gonna happen now. I make a game out of it now. Sometimes I purposely act shady jus to mess with them. This timeI aint desrve it tho. Post racial my ass.

  • True

    True. People are something else! I had my college books with me one day on the plantation and one of the salesman looked at them and said “Are you studying for your GED!” I just laughed and shook my head.

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