N***A Net


A few perks come with living in the hood

Cheap guns and deep discounts on various goods

Whatever you need we know somebody that knows somebody

But when the feds come we act like we don’t know nobody

You would be surprised how much stuff falls off the back of a truck

Labels and stickers on shit to show it’s official by a piper down on his luck

Wanna know who did what and why?

Give it two hours and the whole hood will know, no surprise

We can tell you how much the dope house got hit for

And which hot headed little niggas is tryin to spark a war

Over petty disrespect

And they know better too, they just got a rep to protect

Stories of hood legends get told like folk tales

We know who’s banging the block who’s selling the bales

Sharks lurking trying to feed on the whales

Man the n***a net has too many tales

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