Neutralize, Capitalize, Ostracize, Bastardize


Theory: In order to dominate in any given arena this is the blueprint needed in order to not only slide your way in but take over and become your monopoly.

1. Neutralize- Cozy up to your opponents and make them lower their guards.

2. Capitalize- Prosper off their knowledge and wisdom unbeknownst to them. Keep your kingdom as far away from their grasp as possible.

3. Ostracize- Draw unwanted attention to the most minute shortcomings of their kingdom and turn them into elephants. Once it has become an elephant even if disproved later it will forever taint their brand or kingdom.

4. Bastardize- Make it so that their own family wants nothing to do with them and you bring them into your ranks to further shame and humilate them.

All takeovers whether quiet or violent follow this blueprint to some degree. The pages of history have seen this duplicated for eons and it continues to work to this day. Those playing for keeps always go for strategies that go for the jugular. Recognize when this is being ran on you and reverse it on your enemies before they can execute the successive step. You can bounce back to some degree all the way up until the fourth step. Once that is reached you might as well go into exile.

The crown only shines when the brilliance is subtle and refined.

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