Rummaging through memories of a past life in the palace and I came across what use to define me. The frames that use to make me stand out in the depths of Hades. During that time in my life I was a fool with money; gold, clothes and the finest weed I could find. Damn I was an idiot. I paid a grip for these and when I got em you couldn’t tell me nothing. Living life with no goals and right now mentality will have you making decisions that you regret later. The money I spent on these I could have got business licenses together. I could have saved that hollered at some Chinese manufacturers and murdered the wholesale game. I couldn’t see it back then though; it was all about shinin and stuntin on these naggas. Chicks use to choose on me hard when I rocked these with a fresh cut and was Coogi down. I guess had to go through it to learn what not to do so I wouldn’t make those same mistakes as I got older. Who knows; one of the great enigmas of life is hindsight I suppose. At least I’m still alive and disease free to look back and realize I was a boy in a man’s clothes. Many people from back then still trapped in that thought pattern, dead, locked up or fightin the monster that is AIDS. Funny how I thought I had the world figured out just to find out I didn’t have the foggiest idea. I outgrew these frames long before they broke I was just in denial desperately clutching on to yesterday. The throne was calling me back then but I just felt like looking the part was good enough. The assailant named self doubt has ran my pockets so many times I am surprised it hasn’t opened up credit cards in my name. Only recently did I hunt him down and decapitate him in cold blood. Seein how easy it was to kill him I am wonderin why I didn’t do it sooner. C’est La Vie. As I continue down this unrelenting, seemingly endless road to my throne, some days I can’t help looking back realizing how far I have come.

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