Let His Nuts Go !!!

Really CNN? That’s how u feel? A correspondent cant talk shit off the clock during the superbowl? His exact words: If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him! #superbowl. What the hell is so homophobic bout that? No straight man wants to see that during bowl. He got suspended over that?
The statement CNN released: “Roland Martin’s tweets were regrettable and offensive,” CNN said in a statement. “Language that demeans is inconsistent with the values and culture of our organization, and is not tolerated. We have been giving careful consideration to this matter, and Roland will not be appearing on our air for the time being.”

GLAAD aka the gay mafia strikes again. Got the brother suspended then they wanna have a sit down with him. He was prolly drunk chillin wit his folks talkin shit like all red blooded men do and yall crucify him? Don Imus said that nappy headed hoes bullshit and he got another show after gettin fired. When did it become a bad thing for a man to be man? Everybody is this country is gettin so damn sensitive it’s sickening. Life is based on variety and differences of opinion. That man has the right to express himself whether or not you agree with him. It’s called freedom of speech you know the thing that’s in our constitution?

I have no personal problem with gay people, they have a right to be gay, just don’t come at me with it. Why are they allowed to push their views on the world more than any other group? This gay agenda is gettin out of control. What he said is what me and my folks thought when we saw that as well as those gay ass snickers commercials a few years back. The emasculation of the black male is in full effect. If yo study history, any civilization that embraced homosexuality has fallen, point blank. Rome, Greece etc.

This brother did nothing wrong and shouldnt have to apologize for what he said. There some gay action on family guy damn near every week but its still on tv why don’t they attack that? Our kids are seein those shows and its corrupting them slowly but surely. Wheres the outrage on that? GLAAD needs stop bein bitchmade and let people be people because after isn’t that what they are after? Accepting that people have differences and that those differences are ok? Hypocracy run amok. Keep your mind on godly things and not the bullshit in this life. Til next time Yall Stay true!!

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