Dear Hollyweird,

You think us kings aint hip to what yall are doing. Ever since a black president has came to pass you seem to feel the need to remind of us of our alleged inferiority. At no time in history have you seen so many maids, butlers and slaves on the silver screen. By you bombarding us with so many of these movies you make it hard to cover up your agenda. If you don’t want me to notice an agenda you should space it out a bit. You are making it too obvious. I guess in the back of your studio executives minds we are. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you can’t live in the past. You feel the tide shifting in this country and you want to go back to the good ole days where “niggers” knew their place.

It’s an open secret that the moors dominated Europe for well over 700 years subjugating yall to the rule of black kings. Yall still salty huh? We only really could shake and move in the past 50 years on this soil and look how far we came. You can’t stop us not now not ever. The older folks in our race are scared and still want to seek your approval and be seen as one of the good ones. My generation is the polar opposite. Yall tried to box us in and make us animals but you failed to lock the cage. We were educated in the underbelly of society where we have had to have our wits about us at every single footstep. That is why we will always be able to spot game and circumvent it with ease because we can see bulls**t happening 2 multiverses away.

You want to make a movie about slavery make one about the moors. Scared to touch it huh? Scared to show the truth that the people that are “inferior” dominated yall. I know it’s that ether that ish that makes your soul burn slow. We have had a long and rich history long before you all put us in chains. Every major aspect of civilization we are directly responsible for. Our history is far more marvelous than yours ever could be. That is why you have tried to hide it, burn it or distort it at every single turn. The weak slaves died on the boat ride over. The strongest ones we are the descendants of. We survive the most deplorable conditions known to man with grace and dignity. Can you say the same of your stock? Would you be able to prosper when everything is systematically designed to kill you or rob you of your humanity?

You will never know the depth of a black soul. We are stronger than you ever could be that is why you portray us as caricatures. The same time”The Butler” was shining you shoes my family owned businesses and acres. They were entirely self sufficient from you; where are the movies on that? My family wasn’t an anomaly either. They knew yall weren’t s**t and didn’t want to have anything to do with yall. Entire towns existed where black folks were completely independent. Where are those movies? Let me guess I think I know your answer. No ones gonna pay to see that and that is where you are wrong. Images are powerful. You know if you start to show these babies the truth and they really wrap their head around what they are capable of you would have an uprising on your hands.

Scared of that huh? Scared that all those gangsters you brainwashed with your propaganda would show up on your doorstep demanding what’s theirs huh? The black experience is not only composed of kissing ass and entertaining it also choc full of military strategists such as Hannibal; where is a movie on him? Yall made one about Alexander the Great and all of his debauchery. Hannibal lead one of the greatest armies in recorded history need I go on? You are deliberately dumbing down not only my race but the population as a whole. Comic book movies over and over and over and over and over again. Got damn man how many times you retards gonna do Spiderman over again? I got it the first time; you changing actors and adding new special effects aint doin s**t for the story.

We seriously need to boycott Hollyweird. No more black dollars until they represent us right; not just some one dimensional stereotype. Why don’t yall make movies about all the perverted things yall do behind close doors to show your true nature? Let the public know about yall orgies and turnin people out yall indulge in on the regular. Not so wholesome huh? We are on to yall game. Keep it up; see how much longer yall last. Everything has expiration date; I see yours in the not too distant future. Burn Hollyweird Burn.

God Bless

King Jae

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  • AH

    Good point. I haven’t seen Precious, the Help, Django Unchained, White House Down, or the Butler. I don’t have the money to go to the movies. Do you serious expect me to go see 12 years A Slave in 2013? I mean Forrest Whitaker, Oprah, and Barack Obama co-signed the Butler. Made $130 million worldwide. Alot of other people do too. I mean what do you do if people Black folks look up to endorse Black inferiority images?

    Black folks can’t get mad when the movie Nigger comes out. A movie with positive Black people? Where?

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