This is what an obstacle looks like. Threatening, menacing, staring deeply into your soul with no other intention than to make you its b***h. He came to embarrass you in front everyone. He came to make a mockery of everything you claim to be. He wants to humiliate you in front of your woman and spit in your mother’s face. He gives no fux about your weaknesses; he salivates at the opportunity to exploit them. He is rummaging through your trash so he can hack your bank account and max out your credit cards at the titty bar. He laughs at your whining and pisses in your coffee every morning. He breaks your window just to take a pack of gum off you seat. He makes you friends envious of your success and inspires old skeezers to do their best to sprinkle salt in your queen’s ear. He doesn’t just look like Joe Louis he might not even have a face at all. But one things is for sure he has his gloves on and wants to annihilate for no reason at all.

Life is choc full of them and they all catch you when you least expect it. The only way to conquer obstacles is to come out swingin hell bent on sending them back into the ether. Like everything in this life they serve a purpose however; Metal is forged in hellfire. There is no way to avoid it. You either embrace it or let it take your lunch money on the playground of life. Your success in this life is a direct result of how you deal with what it throws at you. You can be a brawler but brawlers can only go hard for a couple of rounds and their defense is atrocious. But if I were you I would be a technician; stall him make him chase you and make him lower his defenses. Knockouts don’t always have to be a head shot. A mean hook to the ribs does the job just as well. This is what you must do to your obstacles. Make them tired of chasing you then obliterate them. Once the game is learned, the crown gets earned.

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