Out With The Old

Alot of times in life people get stuck in their ways and are terrified of change. Anything new that could make them grow as people they run from. They are so used to doing things a certain way that if you offer an alternative to the old way that wasn’t working that much they will do their best to destroy you. They are set in their ways and are used to their rut. The routine that they considered as normal is a sign of defeated person. You are not a defeated person if you are reading this; you have found this because you are trying to king up.

You are tired of the status quo. You are tired of being a slave to tradition that old people hold so dear. Change is what makes the world go round not routine. If you look at the beauty that is life you notice every thing is in a state of flux, including you. You aren’t the same person you were this time last year, you look older and think differently bout the same things because you are growing.

Many people choose to deny this very important part of life because to them change is death. It is the death of everything they believed about themselves and the world. The unknown is what makes life so mystical. If they were to look in the mirror they would realize change is inevitable by simply looking at their face. Their features aren’t as crisp as they used to be; their eyes look different.

Tradition to me equals death. Nothing more nothing less. Tradition is dogma basically and dogma is rigid belief. A closed mind is a dead mind. If you are scared of change you are scared of God. God recognizes the need for change why don’t you. He has set up he universe so that is constantly changing and evolving nothing stays the same too long. With that being said from this moment on you have no excuse to carry on tradition. I’ll say it again; a closed mind is a dead mind.

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