Outlet Baron

Hard times make some people fold whereas in others it makes them more resilient. Ingenuity and creativity are a king’s best friend when the world is deciding to be cold hearted. On a recent shopping trip to Potomac Mills my wife came across an Outlet Baron. The main reason we had went there was because she had received an email from Coach about a sale at the outlet down there. We go down there and it looks like Walmart with the amount of people in there. She mainly wanted to get a small purse she could through over her shoulder with a long strap for when she has my daughter with her. We go there she finds what she is looking for and she stands in line. The workers give her a coupon for another 30% off. While she’s in line a lady sparks up a conversation with her and she begins to tell her about her hustle. She was on disability on her job and her job let her go so she had to find ways to make ends meet. Long story short she became an outlet baron. She told my wife that she goes to all the designer stores in the outlet like Coach, Michael Kors etc and buys up purses and things at the discounted rate then sells them on Ebay for the full retail price. This lady told my wife that this month alone she has already made $2500. She said she made more doing that then at the job she got fired from. This is perfect example of getting knocked down but finding a way to get back up. The woman told my wife she has never been happier; she gained a sense of freedom and realized she had been going about making money the wrong way for 30 years. She tapped into the God like part of her being and propelled herself further than any other person could. Not everybody is taking the recession lying down. A lot of people are out here fighting for their lives in some very creative ways. I guess that’s why it’s hard for me to listen to someone’s sad story when there are people out here in the same situation becoming tycoons off of something as slight as this. Your abundance or lack thereof is directly tied into the amount you use your brain to find a way out of your apocalypse. Prison or paradise the choice is yours.

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