“Friends are overrated, the further you walk down this road you will see where I’m comin from”

King’s Proverb

I was picking the brain of someone that has walked the road I’m on and they told me this with all sincerity. I was explaining to him that the more I pursue my passions and aspirations the less time I have for a social life. I told him that I missed shootin the s**t with the homies and I’m starting to feel out of touch with a lot of people. I slowly but surely am starting to feel isolated on this road to the kingdom. He said it happens and you better get used to it if you plan on doing everything you told me. It’s not intentional he said, it’s just that there are only so many hours in the day. If you trying to conduct business and connect the dots and you try to explain that to somebody that aint as sharp as you it’s an exercise in futility.  I got plenty of folks I came up with that aint around no more. They not dead or nothing it’s just that their drive wasn’t the same as mine. I aint never snake nobody or do no cruddy s**t and they will tell you that. Some of em tip they hat to me; some of em spit on my name every chance they get. It’s all in the game. I don’t hold any ill will to none of them because they know it aint in them. If it was they would be where I’m at. I only got one friend that went the distance with me in this thing and in all honesty that shocked the hell out of me.

Most people will be friends with you as long as you fulfill some sort of need in their lives. Once you no longer fulfill that need or divert your energy into other areas they won’t have time for you. The only way to know if someone is your friend is if they don’t need nothin from you and still make the effort to be in your life. In my experience people in my life that have been like that I can count on half a hand. Friends are overrated, the further you walk down this road you will see where I’m comin from. This conversation f**ked my head up in a couple of ways. It made me look back on many people that have walked in and out of my life and it always revolves around needs on both sides of the coin. Most people fulfilled some need at the time in some way if they didn’t I wouldn’t f**k with them and vice versa. Very rarely did I make an effort when I wasn’t benefiting. It made me look at myself and realize everyone is selfish in some way even if they are good people. I guess that’s the rule of self preservation all humans subconsciously adhere to. The more I think about it the more he is right. A lot of times in life people are scared to be alone and deal with themselves especially during times of growth or turmoil.

Any man that tells you otherwise is a lie. It takes a special kind of man to go at the world alone and be vulnerable to the consequences of such an action. Most people can’t fathom being crutch less and relying simply on themselves and God. Those that do are labeled as anomalies and superhuman. In this present moment in your life most people are your friends because of some perceived benefit whether it is social status, monetary gains or emotional stability. The more I walk down this road the more I see why people quit before they get started. The toll it takes on your mental well being and the isolation is what scares an otherwise willing person. The amount of mental deprogramming you have to do is astounding to say the least. Liposuction for the brain. Now I see why the vast majority of people that made it to throne are bats**t crazy in some form. I pray I don’t turn into one of those people when I make it. I just hope have some semblance of my former self when I get there. The kingdom aint for everybody and it’s becoming clearer by the day. Stay Regal


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