Up & Down

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Once a man makes it his business to build his kingdom he inevitably rides a seesaw. He experiences fleeting moments of ecstasy periodically and moments of agony for an eternity. The pleasure comes from the fulfillment of a benchmark he […]

Still Good

  Life is always moving, changing and rearranging the people in your surroundings on a consistent basis. Some serve a purpose at a particular time others teach you lessons about what type of people to avoid. Many times we often complain about the revolving door of souls that we come in contact with because of […]

Guilt Hustlin’

Out and about minding my business and I saw this at Fat Ronald’s. It wouldn’t bother me if this was on a bench or bus shelter but for some reason the placement of it just don’t seem right. It is strategically placed before the first window so they make sure you see it. Instead of […]


Just When I thought all that I was doing on here was being done in vain the universe showed me otherwise. I was bored the other day and googled my website and came across this facebook page from Queensland way out in Australia. It’s for a clothing line called Men To Kings. Coincidental or am […]

Podcast #62: Condescension

Success is a flight of steps that you can’t sprint up even if you tried, Enjoy!!! To download click download chirbit on player. If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here http://chirb.it/txM8tE

Washington & D.C.

Floating around the city the other day and the dichotomy of subtle segregation presented itself. Every city has within itself two completely different worlds. In my city Washington happens to be a place that people come from all over the world to get a glimpse of. Some come to get the experience to further their […]

Middleman Mystique

  “I don’t care if I’m getting it like Pablo Escobar, I’m still gonna tell you to holla at my man.” -King B One of the homies reminded me over the weekend about the middleman mystique. Many people dread the middleman because it normally means extra money coming out of there pocket for what they […]


A blender is a person who has no business in your presence.  They are good at appearing to be equally yoked with you. Once you scratch beneath the surface you  find out they are a b**ch in kings attire. They have the look down pat from the walk to the talk but you just know […]

Aura Shift

  Whether we like or not life changes us; some for the better some for the worse. We all start out on our paths programmed by our circumstances and environments. Some of us had a crappy start whereas others have had the world given to them. I use to be envious of the latter because […]


  Another species for you to observe in the wilderness is a tap dancer. They put on the front of being for the people and a pseudo militant. But are really self serving opportunists that don’t cross certain lines or burn certain bridges. They are good at putting on a smoke screen to make you […]

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