Pay Yourself First

Nowadays many people are living above their means to look like they sitting on some bread but it is merely an optical illusion. Alot of these benzes are leased, their homes are in foreclosure and their bank accounts are in the negative. So I’m gonna tell you like a wise man told me, pay yourself first. This is merely from an employees perspective and not that of a owner. Every dollar that comes across your hand you need to save 10 cents of it.

The bills will always be there but your ability to pay them may not be. Social security is a farce that makes the elderly live as if they are still in middle school after all their contributions to society. The bill collector doesn’t have your best interest at heart and neither does the government. So who does that leave ass out in the cold winter of life? You. This make it rain nonsense is further complicating things and clouding the minds of people when they need to be exercising financial frugality in this depressed economic state.

In my parents generation it was ingrained in them to save as much as they possibly can because you never know what life is going to throw at you. Nowadays everybody has this spend spend spend mentality. Well that’s what the powers that be want you to do. If you spend all your money you have to go them for a loan. Now with the loan comes an interest rate. You spend years and years simply paying the interest down and not the principle itself. If you fail to pay they can seize what little money you have and send you straight to your local homeless shelter.

Harsh? Kind of. Unrealistic? Not really. After all most corporations operate from a money first, compassion later mantra. As far as 401k’s go they are tied in the stock market. You are better of going to Vegas if you like a gamble. 10 cents to much to save? Start off with five and when your in a space to increase by all means do so. Alot of banks let you divert money to savings accounts that you don’t miss because you don’t see the money. Ask yourself if you are blessed to live long enough do you want to spend your sunset years broke? I’m not telling you to not enjoy your money. I’m telling you save so you can enjoy it for a lifetime and leave some behind for your kids. Hopefully one day they can start a dynasty off of your self control when your long gone. Til next time; stay wise and always rise. Love yall

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