I believe the saying goes that a man that doesn’t know asks and is embarrassed for five minutes; a man that doesn’t ask at all is embarassed for a lifetime. Yesterday was one such day for me. My wife and I went to a semi upscale seafood house with all types fish and crustaceans on the menu. We saw things that only existed on the food network in real life. One thing on the menu puzzled me however.

The item was titled PEI mussels. I knew what mussels were but the PEI threw me for a loop and left me with a dilemma the inquisitor in me would not let me ignore. I was then presented with a situation; be embarassed around a bunch of snooty white folks for a short duration or, go through life never knowing what the hell it meant. I chose the former and asked the waiter casually while sippin a mojito and he dropped it on me.

PEI stands for Prince Edward Island which is located off the eastern coast of Canada between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and is in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. While the waiter was explaining it to me, out the corner of my eye I saw a wrinkle old man crack a smirk. I could care less about his opinion because by me willing to suffer short term embarassment it empowered me in the long run.

I could be attempting to close a deal with a client 12 years from today and I could throw in: “Hey I know this great little seafood place that gets their mussels from a tiny little place called Prince Edward Island up in Canada. How bout we go there get a round of em and a drink or two and iron out these kinks so that both of us are happy with this deal?” If they bite and the deal goes down my embarassment was worth 3 times its weight in gold.

Life is funny like that sometimes; you never know when subtle things will give you the upper hand. What if Pele stop playing futbol after the first time his team lost? He would have never reached his potential and the world would never know his greatness because he couldn’t stomach the short term embarassment. Imagine how many never reach their maximum potential because of the fear of embarassment? Billions is my estimate. Just another Ruby for your crown. Stay Regal

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