Petitions Are For Pansies

Fuack a petition. Every time there is some sort of injustice against anybody the petitioners come out the wood works demanding something to be done. Somewhere in their thought process they believe that them signing a piece of paper they are putting pressure on someone in some organization somewhere to change their minds on a decision or a policy. Sometimes it’s inaction that gets the masses all riled up and calling for resignations. In any event that shit is weak. This isn’t the civil rights era anymore.

The powers that be give zero fucks about your marches and petitions. Historically change has came about through violence in revolutions or messing with the evil doers money. That’s the bottom line. People like always try to reinvent the wheel. The bus boycott for Rosa Parks worked because it fucked with the bus company’s money point blank. There were no petitions passed around to gained supporters and bring attention to the cause. They just stopped riding the bus. No public outcry that something must be done. Action instead of lip service.

Harriet Tubman didn’t pass a petition around to the slaves to give to master to treat them better. She formed the railroad and kicked rocks. No fanfare, no public show of support. Action. A piece of paper isn’t going to stop injustice. Fuck with there money and show up with choppas. Then you can talk and apologize later. If they gave no regards in the first place why would a piece of paper and public pressure change that? Any type of apology or reparation would be fake because they don’t really mean it anyway.

Petitions display a form of powerlessness. Someone isn’t strong enough to go see bout these evil doers on their own so they need millions of cosigners to advocate their feelings. Did Fidel Castro and Che Guevara send petitions through the slums in Cuba to overthrow the regime? You already know the answer to that question. Petitions are not power as most people like to say. They only good thing they accomplish is bringing about attention not change.

Ask yourself what has the occupy movement accomplished? Take your time I will wait. No policies have been changed. Injustices have not seen a dramatic decline since the movement began. Treyvon Martin got killed. Ann Brown died being denied proper medical treatment for shooting pain in her legs. The only thing that Treyvon rallies did was bring attention and not action. Justice would have been Zimmerman being gunned down in cold blood the way Trayvon was. Charges being pressed months after that fact were merely consolation prize to quell the court of public opinion and to switch attention away from the shortcomings of the local police dept.

Petitions, marches and rallies are one in the same. Troy Davis still lost his life to the hands of the state of Texas after numerous rallies and petitions. Where is the petition to end black on black crime? When is the rally to eradicate racially biased hiring practices which constantly leaves my community with the highest unemployment and rate and ship my brothers off to be slave laborers in the prison industrial complex? Oh that’s right that makes too much sense. They use to petitions to effect short-term circumstances but you hear crickets chirping when try to rally folks to end the long-term causes of society’s ills.

If you mention anything that requires people to challenge the status quo and step outside of their comfort zone they will call you a radical and militant. As long as their bills are paid and they are not struggling zero fucks will be given. Most people only hop on the petition bandwagon after it becomes the cool thing to do. They support whatever everyone else is on in order to fill that basic human need of belonging to something. But that’s just life in general I guess. Very few possess genuine compassion and love for their fellow man. A petition is merely a caricature of that sentiment. Next time someone tries play to your emotions to sign one of these remember Fawk A Petition!!!!

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