Piggy Bank$ta

Piggy Bank$ta- person relying on a reputation someone else built to describe themselves.

We all have came across someone like this during the course of our pilgrimage to the throne. This person has accomplished nothing with themselves so they often gravitate to the nefarious reputation that their neighborhood has. They do it to seem intimidating to those impressed by that sort of nonsense. What difference does it make that you are from a certain block or city in the grand scheme of things? I know there is a plethora of bietch ass naggas in my city just on the strength that fake will always outnumber real. That’s just the way of the world; anything of quality whether it be material or immaterial is always replicated and bastardized to gain social or financial footing. Some naggas love to say they from such and such but the thing is they didn’t play a role in building that reputation whether good or notorious. They gaining self worth by taking pride in the fact they live on a drug block where death is sold wholesale. They haven’t lived enough of life to know that street s**t only means something to street people. When they get around people that actually have accomplished things they piggy back on that rep to look like they are intimidating and come across as losers.

When you actually have accomplished things in life you begin to downplay things that other people broadcast to the world. You do so because they fail to define the current direction your life is heading. I come from a rough and tumble area but downplay it because I don’t want a reputation someone else created to define me as a man. Every man is the creator of his existence. By you piggy banking on someone else’s rep it shows that you have no control of your own life. If you did you would be creating not only your own reputation but your own reality. You gonna whoop my ass because of the fact you lived on a block that had a killa and a kingpin live on it 25 years ago? Riiiggghttt… Realize how retarded this logic is absolve it from your thought pattern immediately. The road to throne has enough pitfalls on it already; by thinking like this you only put more weight on your already over burdened shoulders. Sponge it and soak it. Stay regal.

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