Pink Apocalypse


Every once in awhile you can gauge a persons thought pattern by the look on their face. Sometimes you can gauge disgust, confusion and my most cherished emotion, bewilderment. I went downstairs to get breakfast at this hotel we were staying at and it was a very serene morning. When I had fixed my plate and sat down I started watching the tv and it was on the today show. Being an observer of life I noticed something that tickled me in on the inside. The anchor dropped the stat that whites will be the minority in America in 30 years or so and an calm bewilderment swept over the non minority patrons in the joint. The look displayed was one of subtle acknowledgment yet disgust because of the realization that this country was no longer theirs. The ancestors of Native Americans are rapidly populating the land that their forefathers blood was spilled on. The so called hispanic populations of the Americas are the descendants of the original peoples of this land.

It all makes sense to me in the grand scheme of things. It is simply the universe correcting a monumental injustice nothing more, nothing less. The hatred distributed to the minorities by the ruling class was not forgotten by the powers unseen. That’s the beauty of this chaos called life; nothing remains the same and all wrongs are fixed inevitably. When you see it the way I do everything they are doing is making sense. They know their reign is almost over so they are doing things to consolidate their power base. In their borders they are gentrifying major cities so they can be fortified centers of power. This explains the land grab in urban areas. Building unaffordable housing is a way to push minorities out subtly and move the “others” in. When the others move in, they become the voters. The voters then elect people that mirror their views and culture.

Counties never wield the same power like a major metropolis does. People always move to the big cities to find themselves and their identity. They always have and they always will. Cities hold state senates that control the laws of the land. Catch my drift? At no other time in history have you seen a black president yet all of a sudden all these movies with black presidents surface and the white house being taken over. The “others” are always sent to protect the black president because he is no capable of defending not only himself but the country. I can’t for the life of me remember seeing so many kill the president movies in the past but hey that’s just me. Internationally they are stirring up things to grab as many resources as possible. They know once China can fix it’s problems and when Africa can stand on its own their reign is a memory. They are not even concealing their racism no more by enacting laws that directly target minorities.

The stats on minorities in prison is already staggering; no need to kick a dead horse. You lock up the men you stunt the growth of their respective races. The look on their faces when Obama got re-elected should have told you that. God in action is all. Their apocalypse is well underway and slowly but surely. Asians and other minorities are dominating the major fields of technology, engineering and medicine. Quiet as kept the black population is slowly but surely on the upswing regardless of how many murders you see and statistics thrown at you on the nightly news. Not to mention all the immigrants from brown countries coming over here whooping ass and setting up shop in a hood near you. The majority of the world is brown, black and yellow and it has always been like that. No matter how many “others” you see on the tv remember that fact. Pink is on the decline; just remember they aint going out without a fight.

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