Podcast #51: Scarcity

On this coup Scarcity is observed among other things, Enjoy!

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  • Miles

    Thanks for the gems, King. Scarcity is a key principle in just about every facet of life commerce to relationships and it is the only way to push perceived value when the market is flush with competition. This is why you’ll see McDonald’s drop the McRib once a year; they got that pink slime on deck all year round but if people had access to it all the time, they wouldn’t demand it quite as much.

    • King Jae

      You hit the nail on the head king. Most people can’t see that though. It’s like the phrase limited time only. Any time I see that phrase I know they tryin to bleed the block real quick. You see Nike kill the game with that putting the same ole shoes out with different colorways; be having fools camped out on the regular.

  • binkonbal4

    What up King Jae. Love the podcasts you drop good game as usual. You said that you dont drop the podcasts as much because they would lose their value or wouldn’t be as appreciated. Well start a paid subscription site and allow the listeners to pay for it. That way the podcasts maintain value. Just an idea. U reading that 48 Laws huh Use absence to create value

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