Podcast#49: Eulogy

“Think of yourself as dead. You have lived your life. Now, take what’s left and live it properly. What doesn’t transmit light creates its own darkness.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

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  • Miles

    Being objective in the Wale tiff, do you think he’s responsible for helping his man get on? Maybe he saw something in dude that made him distance himself? Or maybe that order came from someone higher up in the food chain?

    • King Jae

      Objectively as far as getting him a deal not really. Your work ethic is supposed to get you that. This situation aint that cut and dry tho. When ppl use to talk sh** about Wale Slim was the one sticking up for him. When he got signed to MMG Slim congratulated him. Slim gave Wale his first three records that played on the radio. When it was time to perform the records with Slim on them Wale acted like he couldnt perform them with him because he didnt know the words. Slim is genuine dude. Being objecctive he did more than he was supposed to do. Wale put out mixtapes and albums SLim aint on none of them. Knowing how Slim helped him get his career going the least he could of did was help him get exposure or let him a get a feature one of his projects. Slim looked at the situation like a real friendship thats why he’s hurt. SLim aint the only one he did like that tho. Alot of dudes gave him passes around here because it was more a unity thing. Majority of the time around if ppl see you tryin to do something to bring the area up they will give you a pass and support you even if you aint from the city. He is not from a known hood. He is from the suburbs. City dudes welcomed him because they know what it meant if someone from around here makes it. New opportunities would be created and ppl could eat. ALot rappers around are for real street naggas so a person’s word means everything to them. He hasnt kept his word on more than one occasion. That pretty girls song with Weensie from backyard band on it is prime example. He didnt pay Weensie for that record and ate lovely off it. People that use to stick up for him started to see his character and that’s why you starting to see backlash. By majority of these rappers round hear bein street naggas for real money aint ish to them its principle. So its not really crab ish if you see somebody talkin bout him. It’s because of his actions. If he was a man of his word ppl would praise him

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