Poison Posse

Gather round folks come on down; meet the rootinest tootinest poison posse in town. Here we are; weeks from deciding who is going to be the next “leader” of the free world yet I somehow can’t pick the poison I’m most comfortable with. On one hand you have a candidate that has no prior political experience yet he is wildly popular with the lowest common denominator of our country. On the other, a seasoned politician that has “dirt” coming out the woodworks on what seems to be like an hourly basis. 

Can we just opt out this election and just not pick anybody at all? I don’t see what the big deal would be if we did. Prospective employers do it all the time. If after one round of interviews they don’t like any of the candidates they simply withdraw the job announcement or start over and interview a new set of candidates. Truthfully speaking they would both be bad for our country. 

Trump’s lack of experience and arrogance would have us in the midst of WW3 in no time. Hillary’s checkered political practices are not only unethical but illegal on a federal level. No one I talked to is particularly thrilled about their choices. The pandering to the black community on both sides is so bad its comical at this point. In a Hillary commercial I saw it centered  around barbershops and beauty salons one of the hair dressers reasons for voting for Hillary was “I don’t want America run like a corporation.” 

News flash, America has been a corporation since its inception. The president is merely the Phillip Greene to the Ace Rothstein’s and “the guys back home” of this country. Corporations are basically funding Hillary’s campaign yet the average American wouldn’t dig deep enough to know that. Yet somehow I’m suppose to believe she has my best interest at heart when she called my kind “Super predators”. Nevermind the fact that cocaine was being flown into the Mena Air strip when Bubba was gubna of Arkansas. 

Never mind the fact that more black men were incarcerated under the Clinton Administration than any other in Modern day America. Your black so vote democrat; uh…OK. Trump on the other hand has a string of failed businesses. He is not a self made millionaire as he would like to believe. Ask any business owner; start up capital is 90% of the battle when attempting to grab the world by the balls. He had a million dollar head start and acts like it’s nothing and zero bearing on his success. 

He’s crude, arrogant, proud of his ignorance and loud as hell about it. Xenophobia seems to be his unofficial middle name and his practices with the feminine persuasion would put him under the jail if he was a regular Joe Schmo. Yet somehow this is who resonates with the masses of Middle America. Somehow they got it in their heads their families individual lives would change in the blink of an eye if he made into office. 

Jobs will miraculously appear in towns with populations less than 5,000 people and more importantly the blackies and brownies would be put back in their place. Never mind that America will be largely Latino from a demographic standpoint in the next 20 years. Never mind that Caucasians are currently experiencing a negative birth rate. 

Never mind that if the jobs come back they still wouldn’t be caught dead doing those kinds of jobs. Yet somehow America will be great again simply because he said so. Yet this is the choice we are being extorted into making. The independent and green party candidates simply don’t have a strong enough voter base to cause any real noise. People tell me vote to because my ancestors died for the right. 

Uh, my ancestors died because the were kidnapped from their homes and forced into slavery in a foreign land. They didn’t die for voter rights. They died because they were seen as nothing more than cattle not people. The Presidential race is nothing more than a glorified homecoming queen contest. Only thing missing is the tiara and sash for the winner. Cyanide and arsenic would be their stage names; Poison Posse is in full effect; wrecking shit all Winter ’16. Stay Tuned.

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