Ahh it’s that special time that comes once every four years; no not the olympics, election season. Every channel you turn on candidates talking greasy bout each other, random pictures of them snorting coke in college, them explaining why they wouldn’t fuck you over as much as the other candidate; the list goes on and on.

I don’t know bout you but to me it’s flat out funny because at the end of the day both parties are basically one in the same. They look out for their interests and run the country the way they see fit. One party might be heavy handed on one policy and and lax on the other. Whereas the opposing party might be heavy handed where the other party is lax. This post was inspired by the 60 minutes that aired last night. Me and my wife watched it and it was one question that the interviewer asked Romney bout an Obama policy; I think it was about medicare.

He said Obama was taking all this money away from medicare again don’t quote me on it then the interviewer asked him isn’t that similar to what your running mate coming up with for the budget? He said he’s not running for president I am. The arrogance and lack of a definitive answer is what I found funny.

He flat out blamed the state of the country on Obama but he failed to blame Bush for the problems the country inherited from his 8 year tyranny. He couldn’t cut it four years ago and he is the best the Republican party has? Where is Alan Keys when you need him?

The thing about politics is its all a routine. Plenty of big talk and overselling but back peddling and under delivery is the norm regardless of which party is in power. The thing about it is I think normal people could run the country better because we understand what normal day to day life is like. We aren’t far removed from reality. We walk outside our door and it’s standing right there mean mugging you. We don’t have politics to play because we are focused on survival. Our foreign policy deals with the different cultures in our neighborhoods and is astonishingly simple; we let them live. We respect that they are different and give them the same respect we feel entitled to.

The country’s foreign policy is different; throws rocks then hide your hand and put the puppy dog eyes on. I’m coming to a point in life where I’m just tired of gimmicks, lies and egos. Politics will always be politics and if you expect for them to change I got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Jae for President! I’m out.

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