Popeye n Them

There are many wimps sucking up vital oxygen from the atmosphere. They are failures in their lives in general but when they have found something to give them the edge in a situation they turn into Popeye. You probably know some of these clowns in your own life. These are the people that won’t pop shit when they are solo but turn into the punisher when they with their crew or have an audience watching.

Popeyes exist in all walks of life not just on a street level. Some people’s spinach is their fancy car or high paying job. This is why the recession hit so many people so hard because they were no longer able to finance their spinach habit. Their fronts of elegance were being exposed left and right by the Bluto that is life. Popeyes take many shapes and forms. A pretty woman that uses her beauty to get what she wants. An ugly man that throws money around because of his shortcomings physically, a supervisor denying leave just because they don’t want you to take the time off.

The Popeyes of the world all have a feeling of deep down inadequacy and they use what ever they can to cover up their personality pitfalls. They try to be so convincing in their actions that they end up over compensating things that don’t require it. Many people are often fooled by Popeye n them because they get caught up in the appearance and not the substance. The fancy car automatically makes people think that the driver is of some status but I seen many a broke fools riding in Benzes and Gucci down to the toe still living with their mamas.

The high paying job Popeye is particularly amusing. They are quick to tell you how much they make and are extremely arrogant. They act like they own the company when they are merely some type of (insert here) analyst. What they don’t tell you however is that they have took all the equity out there homes and they are on their second mortgage. Oh yeah the smoke and mirror game runs deep with the cubicle nation Popeyes of the world. You must find a way to take their spinach from them. Popeye can only front for so long because their spinach is only a temporary fix for their deep seated inadequacies.

Bluto doesn’t need spinach. He whoops Popeye’s ass on sight and constantly takes his woman. Bluto doesn’t rely on crutches. He is what he is. He doesn’t apologize or kiss ass. He gives no fuxx about Popeye because he doesn’t respect him. Bluto knows he is weak without spinach and is a clown. Bluto doesn’t necessarily even have to be a person; Bluto is reality. Many people constantly run from reality because they can’t deal with the lives they have created for themselves. Instead of fixing their flaws they just buy more spinach. See how some of these people function if they can’t get their spinach. They don’t even know themselves because they have been relying on spinach for so long. You need to rid yourself of your Popeye tendencies and become Bluto.

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  • Jose

    Great Post brother! I agree there are so many different types of Popeyes out there that it also starts to rub off and stick to you. We must stop trying to keep up appearances and just be you.

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