Prison Coporations Lose Church Funds

I know your probably reading the title and thinking the two don’t go together; well guess again. Apparently the health & pensions benefit board of the United Methodist Church pulled $1 million worth of stocks from two prison privatization powerhouses; Correction Corporation of America and the Geo Group. I said it before and I will say it again fact is definitely stranger than fiction. The decision was made from a moral standpoint which i find hard to believe because they had no business investing in the first place. They were profiting off of people’s pain and suffering while putting up this front of caring for the less fortunate and doing God’s work. Not to mention that the church doesn’t file taxes and the money was from the people that attended their churches. Again I ask what’s Godly about profiting off others mistakes? This simple fact that they invested so quietly in this business is what’s so disturbing. I’m sure the contributors had no idea where their money was going. And they wonder why churches have a bad rap.

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