The Problem With Ego In Relationships


Let’s face it kings, sometimes we can be our own worst enemies in relationships. Alot of times we think that we know what’s best but our judgement is clouded by our ego and our testosterone. If you are on the road to kingship, you most definitely do your best to lead in in every area of your life. This can be come problematic when it comes to dealing with someone you love. If you are a strong willed person chances are your partner mirrors you and compromise becomes a serious issue between the two of you. I admit it’s hard to take advice from someone that supposed to be your co pilot but, most times your woman is right. I’m not talkin about advice on your wardrobe or interior design choices either.

The matters I am speaking on deal with issues of the heart. As men we tend not to think about the true nature of a woman and all that entails. Women are supposed to enhance and compliment your life not cause confusion and wreak havoc. Ancient hermetic teachings have a simple way of looking at this. As a man your purpose is to shape the universe and define it any way you see fit. To a real woman you will become her universe. On a cellular level and on any plane of existence this is fact. No matter what direction you decide to take your life in, a woman will follow with no regard for her well being because she is following her universe.

Us kings tend to take that for granted sometimes. We tend to overlook their emotions that we deem ridiculous. But if something was wrong in the universe we are creating, don’t you think we would get a little pissed off to because things aren’t going the way we want them to? On the glory road we become a bit overconfident and begin think we know best in all situations only to be proven otherwise. Granted all women don’t deserve the passenger seat, the ones that do deserve to be recognized as people and not possessions. They have their own feelings, motivations and aspirations. However they are better at putting their ego to the side for the good of the whole because they want to have harmony in their universe which is you.

Outside of your castle, you have to be tough. There is no way around it. After you are finished fighting and shaping the world that day, you want to come home to a sweet smell and a soft touch. She is the one that makes everything worth it so there is no need to display your ego as a show of strength. She already knows your strong and she is your biggest fan. You are her universe after all don’t ever forget that and take it for granted.

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