Meet the latest world leader the west has Deeboed. The supreme leader of Iran folded under the pressure and let the west come into their country and inspect their nuclear weapons program. I was layin in bed this morning and was watchin one of them Sunday morning politics shows and this was agreement made with Iran was breaking news. A power flex by the west to show all the brown people who’s the boss in my opinion. The only thing Iran gained in this “deal” was sanctions getting lifted and they were able to get about 7 million in assets unfrozen. What’s 7 million to an oil rich country after all. Oh yeah they were able to enrich Uranium for peaceful purposes. This deal would last for six months if they were on their best behavior and didn’t flinch when they get shafted in the rectum. Their leader is soft plain and simple. Every county has a right to protect themselves and their people by any means they see fit.

The west always is big on nuclear weapons because if a country has nuclear weapons and its leader has any type of balls they can’t be colonized. That is just warfare 101; any military strategist will tell you that. That’s why the never start s**t with North Korea and always sneak diss them. They know they can’t have it their way because they will nuke the west without hesitation. Now that this punk folded expect Iran to be colonized in full in the very near future. How the hell can you go to someone’s country and tell them what they can and can’t do on their soil? No nukes easy target; the west is serious bout they oil money and give no f**s about how you feel. If you ask me I think he is a plant. They couldn’t do nothing with Ahmadinejad that’s why they painted him as a lunatic. He wasn’t for that f**k s**t and he always stood his ground. They ran the same pre Argo game like when Mossadegh got ousted by the CIA and put who they wanted to put in there.

It’s so blatant it’s sickening. He is cowtailing something serious to be liked by the playground bully which is you guessed it the United Nations. During the press conference some Iranian official was geeked saying the agreement would allow them to enrich peacefully. Immediately after Captain America aka John Kerry put bass in his voice and said nowhere in the agreement does it say Iran can enrich Uranium. Subtle power play at its finest. He subconsciously showed all the brown people in the room that they were beneath the west and they are powerless to defend themselves against the axis of freedom. See what I did there? give it time…. ok times up.

This is why there will never be peace in the middle east. Countries that want resources always sticking their nose in and stirring s**t up. You can’t tell me people in that part of the world aren’t tired of war. This clown has no business being supreme leader. A leader leads the country his way and doesn’t fold to pressure. He stand his ground and tells whoever lets go to war if you feel some type of way about it. Another outpost has been created in Iran; expect to hear news of Starbucks, Mcdonald’s and The Gap bleeding the block over there in the near future. Unkingly like a muthaf**a. Well played Captain America, well played.

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  • Miles

    Using that same playground analogy, if dude didn’t change his stance on dealing with the west then the west would’ve cliqued up with everyone else surrounding dude and just sat on all production flow with dude. Basically it was a ‘get down or lay down’ situation that when faced with the alternative, many fall victim to. Not saying that what the west did was right by any means; it just goes to show the power of being the big kid in the yard.

    • King Jae

      I feel you king but they gonna try to pull that s**t on the wrong person and WWW 3 gone start because alot of ppl are fed up with the west bullying them to go along with the program. They got the west all in their national security program and it opened a door. It’s like being a chump on the block. One day it’s your lunch money then the next it’s your coat. They gonna keep f**kin with him till they all but take over the country and he is only leader on paper.

  • Miles

    The only thing keeping cats from kicking off WW3 is mutually assured destruction, which on paper sounds like a power deterrent, but in actuality means that it’s the good, God-fearing people like you and I catching those nuclear vapors to the chest while the button pushers are holed up. I see your point too; with as much as the planet offers there’s no reason to horde anything save to create a caste system to make yourself feel better.

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