Random Human Babble# 2

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This one was sponsored by a random wife’s family member. At the Christmas get together everyone was sittin around kicking it and one of my wife’s cousins was wearing some slutty ish. My wife was tryin to school her and tell her that aint the life and her cousin’s wife said I need to pull her to the side. If I knew what I knew now I could have been a Basketball Wife. I need to put her on game. She said this with a serious look on face. I was puzzled and bewildered by her equating being a Basketball wife as something to aspire to be. This conversation was a tiny glimpse into the mind of washed up floozies the world over. I was intrigued by the level of ignorance and the belief that doing absolutely nothing and being taken care of by some rich simp is the business. I guess that’s like a ho’s holy grail or somethin. It’s their bigfoot. And the sad part about it was her husband was sittin right there letting her spew this nonsense. I guess some people just happy to have somebody no matter how fucked up they are. Her cousins wife equates them buckets on TV as being smart women but in reality it is far from the case. If those women were truly smart they wouldn’t need a man to get them to that level; their hustle and smarts would do it for them. She’s confusing being Robin with being Batman. She thinks these buckets are Batman when in actuality they couldn’t exist if these sucka ass simps didn’t put heavy starch on their capes. Empty fame makes everyone believe that’s what life’s about; they want you to chase that mirage and waste your most valuable years on pursuing a hologram.

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