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I heard this one at the penitentiary(workplace) the other day and it made me stop in my tracks. Inmates were gathered around in random conversation talkin about things that don’t concern me and then she dropped it on the masses. This one lady said that the chicken at Chik-Fil-a tasted better because the owner was saved and believed in Jesus Christ. The sad part about it is she got other people to cosign this nonsense. What does the way someone can make a dead bird taste have to with their religious beliefs? Hearing this was like the equivalent of lookin at 16 car pile up; so hideous that you can’t look away. The level of ignorance covered with a faith based reasoning was so magnificent it made me actually pay attention to an ignoramus. A hypothesis so steeped in mysticism it shook me to my core. I only thought people this retarded existed in cyberspace and not in real life; oh how mistaken I was.

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