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I bumped into a random O.G. in my travels named T-bone. He sparked a conversation with me about my wedding ring. He told me it was unique and the conversation progressed from there. We spoke about a couple of different things such as life, marriage and the extinction level event of real people. When it came to living life he told me to stay true in anything and never bite your tongue for no one. You are better off staying to yourself because your honest opinion can hang you or make you king among the simpletons. It’s a crapshoot; if I keep my mouth closed I have 100% chance of steering clear of people and their bullshit. I’m like a billboard you see me and you keep it moving. I’ve lived too long to be concerned about the next person’s feelings about me.

As far as having a happy marriage he broke it down like this. Your woman has to know you appreciate her. He asked me how many times a month have I sent my wife flowers. I told him once every other month. He nodded and told me that’s good. When you do that he said your woman will always look at you with love in eyes and in her heart. If she knows you appreciate her she will give her life for you. He then proceeded to ask me what do you say to your wife when she asks you why love her? I said because she said was there for me when no else gave a fuck about me. He said ok what other reasons? Because she can cook her ass off. He laughed hard when I said that. The reason I’m asking you this is because in order for her to understand why you love her, she needs to hear it in words from time to time and not just actions. Make sure every time she asks you that you have a different answer that blows her mind. By you have having a different answer every time it shows her that you constantly think about her and you truly are invested in the relationship.

Don’t get caught in the superficial. So what if she gains weight she still the same person ain’t she ? She held you down for all those years so what’s changed? I replied time. He nodded and said you got it. Everything material fades over time and humans are no different. Then he went into what I call an O.G. rant. I feel like a dinosaur he said. Everything’s changing and for the worse. Ya see in my generation you had to back up your words with actions. Nowadays all these people walk around poppin shit with no fear of get back. If you said something bout somebody in my day they was gonna see bout you. Before we parted ways he showed me this folder he had he takes to his p.o. and let me read this saying he had on it. I’ve heard it before but it bears repeating. Thoughts turn into actions, actions turn into habits, habits control your destiny. You are in control of all three. Make sure you have your mind right everyday it’s a must. Wisdom is learned in the randomest of all places sometimes; funny how you can bump into somebody that can give you perspective if you choose to listen. Many want to wear the crown but there’s few that do. King on.

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