Random Observation: Bloggin’ On Wax


First and foremost, no disrespect was meant to either gang by crossing their names out in any way shape or form.  I was diggin through my crate of old ass tapes the other day and I came across this; The Bloods and Crips tape from back in the day. It brought back memories and also a new observation with it. Rappers and bloggers are one in the same it’s just that the mediums are different. Mine happens to be a computer while theirs is a studio. I listen to rap religiously and have noticed lately that a lot of nagas sayin f**k blogs and other typical tough guy bravado. What they fail to realize is that they are bloggin on wax. In every creative field there are opportunists, liars, cowards and copycats; the blogosphere is no different. The rap game has those people in it but they get praised whereas a blogger gets chastised. Rap is filled with successful liars and caricatures that prostitute themselves to whatever trend to stay relevant. 95% of bloggers are the same as well that’s why gossip and entertainment bloggers dominate because they appeal to the garbage the masses love to ingest.

I can only speak for myself and no one else when I say this; the creative process is the same. I use to write songs and the posts I put on here use the same creative process meaning the same amount of time and energy is expended. The average song lasts anywhere from 2-5 minutes which is about the same amount of time it takes for someone to read a post I wrote; same creativity different medium. A common grievance I hear nagas say is that bloggers hide behind fake names so they can talk slick which is laughable. 98% of rappers don’t use their real name but have the nerve to call a blogger names. They aren’t rocking stages with the names their mama gave them but they are somehow better than a blogger. Rappers allegedly talk about their lives and situations they have been through which I do regularly on here. The only difference I talk about all sides of my life not just s**t to make me look cool. Rappers focus on the anywhere from 20-50% of their true selves and the rest is entertainment.

They don’t possess the same freedom I have because they have talk about what everybody wants to hear to keep those shows booked; if they really express their total being they would be a lot less interesting and extremely flawed. They have to sell a dream no matter how farfetched it is from reality. I talk about reality as I know it regardless of how the next person may feel about it. Anonymity is power and freedom. I can move as I please and dabble in any business venture without being pigeonholed as a one trick pony. Successful rappers have to have people around them constantly for security and protection. They can’t even go get 4 wings and fried rice if they wanted to.

The rap blueprint has been recycled so many times that it shows the majority of them aren’t the hustlers they claim to be. A hustler thinks of new and creative ways to make money instead following the footsteps of the next man. The rap blueprint is get on, start a record label, start a clothing line and sell liquor. There is no creativity in that whatsoever. Real power is starting your own phone or cable company not influencing someone to drink your poison. Someone could decide to stop drinking tomorrow but they are going to always need a phone. They perform on stages whereas I can give lectures at colleges if I choose to; same activity different mediums. People sometimes underestimate the beauty of not being famous. I can stack my bread in peace away from the eyes potential bandits and vultures. Rappers have to be visible at all times to remain relevant. I aint never heard of a blogger dying over a post but I have seen countless rappers die attempting to live up to what they say on wax. I hate to break it to you anti blog rappers but if your rhymes are truthful in the least bit you are bloggin on wax. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but the truth tastes better with time. Go ahead and let that marinate. Stay Regal.


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