Random Observation: Success Sharers


Observation: Women would rather share a successful man with another woman than have a nobody that’s all theirs.

As an outsider most people can’t comprehend the mechanics of success. More importantly they question why women that would not put up with the average joe’s s**t line up to dogged out by someone of status. The answer is quite simple really. People like to be part of a winning team, no one wants to be associated with mediocrity. Women always seek out the dominant man it is hardwired in their DNA. It has been that way since the beginning. Back when life was chaotic and unpredictable women depended on men for protection and survival. That carnal urge is still embedded in them to this day except for what a dominate man looks like. Today survival is determined by money and connections. This is why they gravitate to the fortune 500 and the dope boys the same way. Their businesses are completely different but the end result is the same. Women always gravitate towards a leader because of the personal qualities the individual possess. Whether they want to admit or not most women crave direction from a worldly man of means.

No matter how much they complain about a late a dude works or the lack of time being spent with them; they not going anywhere. Even tho they are not directly responsible for this man’s work ethic and vision they want to bask in the light regardless. The truth is the man they are associated with would have still been successful if their paths never crossed. They like to throw all these extras in like they take care of the household but they aren’t doing anything that a maid can’t attend to. They are attracted to the security and lifestyle such a man can provide. The average man with no direction can only hold to a woman for a short time because they can only pretend for so long. A man with purpose and direction can hold on to her for a lifetime if he chooses to. The reason being is when you have a direction you are heading in your life the road never looks the same. New obstacles and challenges present themselves the further you travel down the road. Women can’t stand repetition or boredom; this is the reason why a large chunk of them can’t maintain a workout routine because of monotony. Its much easier for them to take diet pills and buy girdles than it is to stick to something for an extended period of time. The kicker is that they always want someone that possesses what they don’t have.

The successful man has the decisiveness to continue walking down the glory road no matter how repetitive it is. Repetition is the key to success; ask any successful person. Women are going to complain regardless that is just a fact of life. The only difference is what they complain about. The more successful your are they tend to put themselves in check alot quicker because they know they are replaceable and there are dozens of women waiting for their spot. They only pop off at the mouth to the average dude because they know it is harder for them to replace her because he doesn’t have the means to. By not having the means he has to settle for her bulls**t and they get away with murder. Successful dudes outside of the sports and entertainment worlds pretty much have their women in check because if they don’t it f**s up their money and distracts them from their money piling efforts. Their women know without money there is no lifestyle. The sports and entertainment fields attract people that want to be seen and as a result do outlandish things to be in the limelight. So it is no surprise that the women that gravitate towards those dudes possess the same qualities that they do. Like attracts like. Quiet money trumps that boisterous s**t any day. Moral of the story: when your money right they have no choice but to act right. Stay regal.

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