The Randomness: Kool Aid Continued

Awhile back I told people to stop drinking the kool aid of false expectation and my words weren’t taken to heart. Prime example; around my way they opened a new casino in a local outlet mall parking lot. These gambling chumps were so were so ready to give up their money they caused traffic jams on all the major roadways this past weekend.

They lined up for hours into the wee hours of the mornings to give away their money. People that were going to the mall to shop were unable to because these suckers took all the spaces. By this casino opening up it basically shut the mall down. No one is going to want to shop there now if they can’t park anywhere. Theses clowns were so excited that they didn’t have to leave the state to fuck off their money that when they were told there was no more room they still stayed in line to wait.

There are social drinkers and alcoholics; these are the alcoholics of the gambling world. There is no way in hell that I am that dedicated to fuck my money off that I would wait in line hours upon hours to be given the opportunity to. They say a sucker is born everyday; well it was at least 10 years worth or more of them standing in a mall parking lot ready to drink the Jim Jones punch. what it gets you

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