The Randomness

Every once in a while you learn things about life in situations that are completely random and don’t seem connected to the bigger picture. Today was one of those days. I was on a date day with my wife and we were gonna get something to eat. I had paid for one of those coupons things from one of those websites that give discounts on meals and etc. When we got there we were told that they weren’t excepting walk-ins; just reservations only. After my wife worked her magic we were able to get a table. When we were walking through the restaurant we noticed that the place was damn near empty. It was one of these “high class” spots with elaborate interior decor and ambiance. Long story short we received shitty service and the food wasn’t all that good; but I gained valuable perspective.

In life presentation is everything. If you present things a certain way people will line up to hand their money to you because of how you present it. If you present it as an opportunity to experience class and luxury people will fall for it every time. The place we went to had fancy glass fireplaces with rocks at the bottom, crystal chandeliers and funny shaped water glasses. On the surface the presentation of this place was one thing but, the things that are supposed to matter were put on the back burner. Things like the menu selection which is like the engine of the establishment was lacking severely. The place presented itself like a Bentley but it was a Scion under the hood.

How many times in life do we fall for the illusion that is presentation? Some of the most well put together people in public have the most raggedy private lives imaginable. How often do find out that things aren’t what they are supposed to be? Instead of the presentation of things we need to focus on the foundation of things. You can’t build a house without a foundation. The facade of material things such as class and luxury are no match for the foundation of inner peace and contentment.

Too many times in life people mistake presentation for happiness and find their lives lack meaning and substance. However people that have foundation in their hearts have a ball with less and realize that these material things don’t define them or their existence. These things exist to merely complement the foundation. I am slowly starting to think that being rich isn’t all its cracked up to be. Sure it would be nice to experience financial freedom but then again it’s the presentation of it that makes me skeptical. You always hear these stories of how people have to sell their souls to amass these huge fortunes.

I don’t want to be one of those people. We are constantly fed this illusion that money buys happiness and that’s all we need to make it through this life. I refuse to believe God created us just to be slaves to things. The moral to the randomness: stop living a life that lacks foundation but thrives on presentation.

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