Rant Life: Tastemaker

As the picture indicates I am quite perplexed. What the f**k is a tastemaker? What makes them so much more important than all other marketers? I’ll wait…………………….
Does anyone know? I thought the definition to this bulls**t wouldn’t have made it into the dictionary. Sadly I was mistaken; it made it in last year. According to Webster’s a tastemaker is a person whose judgments about what is good, fashionable, etc., are accepted and followed by many other people. So in other words its another way to say marketing consultant. Most of these tastemakers don’t have any brand of their own they are pushing. They slaving for someone else yet I am suppose to trust their judgement and follow their expertise. You want me to hold my laughs for later or let em rip now? HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Who the hell comes up with these vague self important titles? This s**t couldn’t have come from anywhere near the top of any organization at all. This sound like some slick s**t someone told a girl at a club. She ask him what he did and he said I’m a tastemaker baby. Some lame overheard the interaction and liked the way it sounded and took it with them to the next board meeting. This s**t is on par with Lifestyle expert or Life Coach. They persuade people to drink a certain wine but the have no stake or shares in the company.They couldn’t even tell you what type of grapes they were and what region they were from. They convince people to wear a certain leather jacket but they couldn’t even tell you where the tannery that made it is or what type of cow hide was used to make it so special. Why does everyone want to seem more important than they actually are? What is so wrong about admitting what you actually do? I am a blogger among a myriad of other things not a digital reporter or a African American Cultural specialist or whatever other overblown title you can come up with. I guess it’s just a symptom of a larger issue. Everybody wants to seem important even if they really aren’t because being your regular old self is so cliche nowadays. Everybody wants to be a star but no one wants true freedom. As long I’m famous nothing else matters is the silent mantra people hear echoing in their subconscious. Narcissism run amok. Rant over, carry on.

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