Something Real

Nature and our conscious as men constantly conflicts with each other when it comes to matters of the heart. On one hand we chase and praise physical beauty and on other we expect deep and meaningful relationships. We seek peace and balance dictated by our conscious but still lust after women we know are no good for us. All the races are mixing and it’s producing some of the most exotic women the planet has ever seen. Throw in the mix the constant bombardment of overt sexual imagery and it leaves the average man desensitized to natural undisturbed beauty.

As men we want the best of everything; from cars to clothes to women. When it comes to relationships we sacrifice the important things to have the Ferrari of women no matter how impractical they may be. There is no substitute for the love a good woman. You can’t build something real with a good woman if you hold her to the unrealistic expectations burdened on you by the materialistic world. Her breath is going to stink in the mornings like yours. She gonna be pissed off and moody at times. She can’t cook, clean and make love to you at the same time; it’s not humanly possible. If you have problems with your woman you need to look in the mirror first. You have to be real with yourself and determine if you are truly happy with the woman you have. Many people can’t accept the fact they love a ho. Let’s be real about it. No man is that dumb to not realize his partner is unfaithful. They just choose to turn a blind eye to it and act like it doesn’t exist.

As crazy as it sounds some men are scared to find the right woman because it would force them to act like real men. That means taking on a certain level of responsibility they are uncomfortable with. That means putting down the childish things and accepting maturity the likes of which most men are terrified of. By the time most men are ready for a good woman she is nowhere to be found. Then they say women are hoes and do their best to mess with women in relationships to prove they are better than they men the women chose for themselves. Most people don’t want something real they just want a replica. Money and looks aren’t the cure all for relationship problems. They should be the icing on the cake of something real. You can’t connect with somebody if you are trying to manipulate them every chance you get. In order to connect with someone you must put your ego to the side and throw all expectations out the window. Accept that person for what they are and if you can’t you need to move on. Something real is more important than something that’s not. Find a real woman and treat her like gold.

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