Rearview Living

(Image by Josh Johnson)

The past is merely a memory of good and bad times that define you for better or worse. On this winding uncertain road called life we tend to want to go back and change the bad times. The what ifs are exactly that….what if? The bad thing about life is hindsight is 20/20. On this road to kingship you have no time to look in the rearview mirror. You must keep pushing forward to your destiny. You should finish everyday like it’s new year’s eve; ready to leave the worries and troubles of yesterday in the rearview. No one can predict the future but I do know one thing; it’s shaped by the present not the past. Who cares if other kids picked you last in gym class; no one gives a shit. The popular kids in high school work at walmart now. Remember it’s a long road to your destination. You can stop and reflect when you make it there; now is not the time. Get busy king your empire is waiting on you.

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