On this road to self actualization it is far too easy to become distracted by the noise of life. You are older now. If you have been following me and my lunacy four years of your life have passed. You  probably have new responsibilities and have grown into your role as master of your domain. 

Black life has been devalued increasingly by the year. Your old neighborhood is a shell of its former self, your friends might not be friends anymore, your spouse may have changed and you are looking at the constant curve balls life throws at you with weary, jaded eyes. 

You’re just going thru the motions and the spark that you had has started to fade. In the game of life there is no time to rest and lick your wounds. At times like this its hard to remember why you started walking down the road to the kingdom in the first place. But, you must remember why you chose to walk down the road of self actualization in the first place. 

Your life was hell and as a result of it being so your anger was the impetus for change. A change not only for the better but a change in your lifestyle, inner circle and most importantly, your mind. You have been on this road for awhile. You may have manifested your personal kingdom or you still might be a million miles away. You are farther then you were when you started by still nowhere you need to be. Just remember; reignite the fire that thrust you to this point. I can’t tell you how I’m not you. Remember kings and queens, remember.

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