Reminder: Rappers Are Entertainers


Rappers have always said and did dumb shit because ignorant is cool in the eyes of their fanbase ie dumbass teenagers and even dumber adults. Pardone this old n***a rant but what idiot is hangin on and believe every drug dealin fairytale? What’s all this outrage about Gusto goin on a rape-a-thon? Some of the so-called greats have said some real questionable shit over the course of thing of ours but their feet was never held to the fire.

Biggie rapped about robbing pregnant women and rape; Eminem rapped about rape, murder and devil worshipping. Need I go on? So why all of a sudden that Gusto is exposing the seedy side of “bawse” life people act like he beheading newborn kittens on Seasame Street with Oscar the Grouch eating the remains on live tv? For the record f**k fake outrage and all his friends too. Get outraged that date rape has been happening long before Gusto stole Rick Ross’s name. Get outraged that people aren’t raising their kids and letting the TV do it for them. Get outraged that the education system aint teaching these little f*****s nothing about morals and ethics.

Go on say the obvious. What if someone did that to your daughter? I’m glad you asked that ?uestion skippy. I would castrate them and put their testicles in the lotto machine since they think they have powerballs. I kid I kid; naw Im serious tho.(Mean Mugging the screen as I type this cuz Im a gangsta nigga,) Problem? (in my doughboy voice). Meanwhile fake outrage’s cousin political commentary ruffled its tampon because Jay-Z said f**k your embargo cuz, I kno B dot O.

People still trippin on communism? Really? If you do it at least don’t do it on your electronics made in China you hypocrite you. You go so much s**t in your house from China I’m surprised you don’t speak Mandarin. I kid, I kid. Naw Im serious tho. Who gives a s**t if he decided to take his family to an island in the Caribbean that some wrinkled old farts didn’t like 60 years ago? These same wrinkled old farts that was hosing down my father’s generation and made us drink from a separate water fountain; riiiggggghhhht.

Oh yeah P.S.A. I do not have to ask you permission to come to your city and do as I please. I could care less if you hate my opinion on something. This nugget is in response to Trick Daddy rollin to a strip club full of naked women with 40-50 crusty dudes to G check an entertainer that happened to be Lil Wayne cuz he said some ish bout Miami. I like the aggression and throwin the cigarette was the icing on the cake but all over what tho?

Last time I checked a grown ass man doesn’t have to ask another grown ass man his permission to come to his city. Fuck all that tribal ish if you just doin it to flex your ego and be on some its my city shit. No one cares. You think that little old lady in the barely driven Grand Marquis asked Trick Daddy’s permission to go to Coconut Grove? Riiggghttt( in my Smoke DZA voice) With all that being said Trick Daddy for the win . I love ignant ish from time to time; keeps life entertaining. Moral of the Story: Reread the title and stop taking these fools so serious.

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