Always Room

To most people looking at this picture there is nothing special about it. Just a bunch of buildings with the sky in the background. But for me when I look at it I see space. If you look in between the skyscrapers you see the gaps prevailing. To a king it means there is room for him and the monuments dedicated to his greatness. I look at it and I see opportunity to flourish in between other king’s architecture and build my legacy. A king sees things the average person can’t fathom. Belief is what put those buildings in the sky not self doubt. Planning and execution pierced the heavens not procrastination and poor work ethic. Each structure started off as a thought of what could be. Blueprints laid out the structure down to the smallest detail such as where the bathroom is on the west side of 27th floor.

A king draws up a blueprint decades before it actually becomes a reality. He has to suffer and endure and damn near lose his mental faculties in order for the kingdom to manifest. Years of failure and heartache all the while enduring the pendulum of life and its mood swings. The king is well seasoned in the art of failure because he knows there will always be room for him; if he can hang on and fight with every ounce of determination he has. There will always be room because very few ride the storm out. At the first sign of turmoil most cower defeated licking their wounds. They bandage the wounds up and never attempt to fly again. Even with 7 billion people on this planet the universe will always make room for the alchemist. Empty spaces will always be a matter of perspective. One absolute remains however; there will always be room for the majestic man with a crown on his head and a scepter in his hand. Stay Regal.

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