F**k peace lets get bloody. Enjoy!

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  • freddyp

    I feel you big homie. Its fucked up seeing we not gonna fight over what we believe anymore.

    • kingj

      That’s the part that bothers me the most. Powers that be are telling you to stay still while they put the cattle brand up your a## and be ok wit it, protest peacefully. I’m just wonder why people can’t see it much bigger than Trayvon and this case. It’s about our power as a people. So many ppl are apathetic as long as it don’t concern them

  • Miles

    I’m not even sure it’s apathy. Back when Martin/Malcolm was around, there was a clear and concise message that the freedom we sought wasn’t going to be given to us; we HAD to fight for it. Today’s generation is so unfocused and caught up chasing a dream not our own that when the inequalities are captured live and direct (and even now ON CAMERA) it’s seen more as a ‘what can we do’ moment than a ‘that is not acceptable by any regards’ call to action.

    • kingj

      And that’s what they don’t understand. The same blood that generation of black folks had runs thru us. If they had been passive there woul probably still be public lynchings and burned black bodies laying in the street. Their hearts in the right place but they don’t have the fire or the fearlessness need to accomplish real lasting changes

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