Sand Castle

“Step your game up, build your name up, quit your talkin and get to doin
All that playin and contemplatin when the f**k you gonna start pursuin?
Cars ain’t driving they self, mansions aint buildin they self…..”

Bun B

A kingdom built on lofty ideas through speech is a sand castle. All kingdoms start off as abstract ideas that torture the brain it is a prisoner to. Many incarnations are masters at directing others on what materials to use to build their domains; what they fail to mention is that their castle is composed of sand. Speech is a tricky thing. It contains feelings, thoughts, daggers and bullets. It doesn’t contain willpower, tenacity or consistency however. When a king is building his castle he must circumvent the purveyors of sand he will constantly encounter. People that have never done anything always have the most advice to offer.The more talking you do the more you persuade yourself not to take action. Action is brick, cement and metal; things of substance. These materials consistently outlive the mind that organised them into monoliths. Sand is a readily available material because after all the world is 75% water. People construct these worthless structures because they are more concerned with the illusion of importance instead of the fact of material immortality. Sand washes away under duress; brick, cement and metal only do so through an act of God. A castle made of action makes the abstract a reality not the other way around. If speech built kingdoms there would be any vacant acres because castles would dominate the skyline. I see very few castles terrorizing the heavens. When you are constructing your manor you will inevitably invoke countless sandstorms; it comes with the territory. Don’t become discouraged; like everything in this life it will come to pass. A throne is only as good as the materials it is crafted from. Choose wisely.

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