Secession Is For Suckas

America the ugly reared its head again this week. In the wake of President Obama’s second term racists from over 42 states have filed petitions under the We The People program for seceding from the union. These racist are so livid that they don’t even want to be part of America anymore. All because the Prezzy crip walked on their racist asses.

The states that filed these petitions are: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida,Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota,Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma,Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee,Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

That’s damn near the whole country; it’s only 8 states shy. What amazes me about this steaming pile of bigotry is the sheer fear trying to be camofluaged as white anger. Where were these fools when Bush got re-elected after he sunk the country into a tailspin after his first term? Where was all this hate speech when the basis for going to war with Sadaam was proven to be a crock of shit?

The racist lions in packs were church mice when a white man was sinking the country in trillion dollar wars that we didn’t have the money for. He fucked over our economy and shipped millions of jobs overseas not mention destroying a whole country and giving his friends the job to reconstruct the infrastructure. They were quiet. They took it in the ass with no vaseline and didn’t even flinch.

White privilege is losing steam by the day and it scares them to death. The fallacy of being better than someone based on skin alone no longer flies in an increasingly beautifully brown nation. The truth in the matter is these mediocre muthafuckas are losing the only thing that give them self esteem; their skin color. They are use to getting by and being told that they are better than someone else because of their skin tone. You take that away from them and you are forcing them to look in the mirror and deal with the fact they are an ignorant, self absorbed sociopath.

They tried all type of voter reform strategies to no avail. They tried all types of slick shit and karma came back to bite them in their ass. The person you vote for loses and now all of a sudden you want where you live to be considered a separate country? Really? Ok, well take this into consideration dumbass. By removing the federal government from the equation, the next hurricane from the bowels of hell that obliterates everything in your state; your state is left with the task of rebuilding.

No more federal funding means you state is responsible for building roads and fixing its infrastrucuture. No jobs? Tough shit. Go crying to the state for your unemployment benefits. Deep down the racists are shaking in their confederate boxers. All these clowns got left is their hate speech. The advent of social media gave these yellow bellied bastards an outlet for their true feelings without any repercussions for their words.

They can’t walk down the street spewing this bullshit because they would end up with collapsed lung and an obese hospital bill. What these the suckas also forget is that people of color are the ones that roll up their sleeves and work the jobs that they refuse to that are a vital part to a functioning of society. Talk all that immigration and go back to Africa shit you want; if it wasn’t the hard labor of my forefathers and the back breaking work of the latinos today, America would come to a grinding halt.

The birth rate for caucasians is at an all time low in not only this country but the world. Deep down these racist know their race is on the decline and do everything in their power to mindfuck everyone to believe they are superior. Their time of domination is slowly winding down and it scares them to death.

The country they built is only 236 years old and they are already losing control. These are truly beautiful times to be living but they try to tell you otherwise by programming you with all types of negativity to try and maintain their control. The jig is up! I wise man once told me time cures all the world’s ills. Welcome to the future racists! If you think this is scary wait 20 years.

Disclaimer: I am not a racist but wrong is wrong. If any sensitive, light in the ass people were offended by the truth I assume you are scared of your own shadow. Stay regal.

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