Touchin bases with my homie the otha day and he dropped this theory on me. We were talkin bout our kids and when they go to the doctor and the shots they were given. He took issue with the fact that when we younger we didn’t get nearly as many shots as the kids do now. It seems like damn near every other time they go to the doctor they are given them shots. He then said that he thinks that’s where all this autism is coming from. He noticed that after his son got those shots he began acting strangely. When he saw how they were affecting his son he took issue with them immediately. As a result he makes the pediatrician space out the shots and his son is behind on them. As crazy as it sounds I think he may be on to something. He then said remember when it was just a white kids disease now all of a sudden you see all these black kids developing it.

He also dropped a fact on me I didn’t know. Apparently Baltimore is one of the cities with the highest autism rates among black children. They use to be known for their STD rates now all of a sudden autism is coming from nowhere. He then went into discussing the different levels of it and his experience of it with his ex and the hell she went through with her son and his severe case. Despite the advances in the medical field a doctor’s office is still called a practice. Which in turn means that they are learning everyday. The things they are giving these kids in these shots very well could be detrimental and causing this new epidemic in the black community. Knowing how the government feels about population control I wouldn’t be surprised if they were running some kind of experiment on the most hated population in the country. It aint new in the least bit. Tuskegee experiment anyone? Drug czars make a killing with research funding from the FDA on an annual basis. You cripple the children you cripple the entire population while lining your coffers. Health and Human Services will receive more federal funding to inject into an already overloaded healthcare system and so will the Dept. of Education because they have to build more schools to accommodate these children with special needs. All the while the parents have to deal with the hell of seeing their children deal with this disease. Sad this industry is using children as pawns for their personal gains. Nope the homie aint crazy at all. Sickening aint it?

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