Thank You Sh*t Hop

Thank you sh*t hop for being so unbearable and weird with homoerotic undertones. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be revisiting albums from yesteryear that I overlooked. I appreciate them much more now than when they first came out. In hindsight I was completely wrong about certain artists. They had bars but it was so much good music out that they just came across as eh because they weren’t going as hard as so and so. Thank you sh*t hop for being so boring and predictable with little to no creativity. You have made me appreciate the underground that much more. At least there creativity is still thriving because it hasn’t been killed by money or culture vultures. At least most underground mcs can carry a song and not speak the popular jibberish of the day.

Their songs still have concepts and still contain raw human emotion; not prepackaged studio thuggery with a dash of I’m better than you because I can consume the latest trinkets and you can’t nonsense. Thank you sh*t hop for telling the youth to dress like weirdos and get face tats. If I decide to go back to the slave fields it’s less competition for me. When those idiots are ready to grow up they will realize they have nothing to fall back on. No work history and no other accomplishments to speak of except turning up and knocking up strippers. Thank you sh*t hop for turning a vehicle into a caricature. Hip  hop use to have the power to change lives for the better. At least back in the day balance existed in the mainstream. I could listen to Spice 1 then go pop in a Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth tape and wouldn’t miss a head nod.

I feel sorry for the youth nowadays. They only have this edm/techno/lounge hybrid sh*t to vibe to. At least back then with the samples you felt it in your soul. Now the backdrops go well with the molly I guess.  Thank you sh*t hop for being so terrible that you made me venture into other genres of music with open ears. You made me get out of my box and I thank you. I am finding out that I am liking some genres that I would have never thought I would. You have also made me realize that I am adult in every sense of the word. The realization that sh*t hop was geared to children was a hard one for me to swallow at first but it got easier when I really thought about it. Who else would appreciate grandiose lies of cartel running, killing 34 nagas every other bar, stealing everybody’s girl even the ugly ones all the while simultaneously smoking 10 lbs of weed while counting millions of dollar bills on a yacht ?

To an adult it is laughable but to an impressionable child it warps their vision of reality if they are subject to poor parenting. Thank you sh*t hop for making everybody waste time and try to be a rapper even if the skills are non existent.  A bigger thank you making these idiots die over who is realer than the other; Darwinism at its finest. If it wasn’t for them who would fill up the jails and stimulate the local economy in the towns the jails are in? Thank you sh*t hop for seeking validity and acceptance from a society that continuously makes you the butt of its jokes.  If you didn’t do that I wouldn’t have known how insecure the most of these jesters are. By seeking the former it lets the world know you are inferior and helpless. Thank you sh*t hop for making me realize that I couldn’t change the world with you only maintain the status quo of capitalism. I have found a new frontier to change the world with, the wild wild net. Stay Regal

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