I went ice skating the other day with my wife and nieces to do something new. Overall I had fun even tho I busted my ass multiple times before we left. During making my rounds around the rink I noticed there were more people outside the rink than actually skating and looking at the people falling and laughing. They were too scared to go do it themselves so they laughed at people who were giving it an honest effort. They didn’t have the balls to go make a fool of themselves and experience something outside of their comfort zone.

Then it occurred to me that these are the same people that live their lives on the sideline. They observe other people taking the bumps and bruises to get to where they need to be. Life is like an ice rink; it is cold and unforgiving on your bones. It has parts that are rough and hard to maneuver and it is fast paced. Excuse me for being philosophical over this but I can’t avoid glaring similarities. These people are scared of what other people think of them and wont take a chance at all if it involves failure. This explains why employees vastly outnumber employers and always will. These same people will pass their fear on to their children by default and the cycle of cowardice continues. What they fail to realize is that when you conquer the ice you can zoom at ridiculous speeds and pass everyone else by. That luxury however is a reward that only the brave will feast upon.

The sidelines will always have spectators; don’t be one of them. Spectators have to live their lives speaking on someone else’s accolades and accomplishments. They never will no what it feels like to keep getting back up no matter how much the ice seems unconquerable. They will never know the euphoric state of tenacity and rage. They will never experience what it feels like to have the heart of lion in their rib cage. Like the saying goes: life is a contact sport; put your mouthpiece in and rumble young man….rumble.

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