Slick S**t: Whopper Jr.


I saw a whopper jr. commercial the other day where people were dancing around because it was $1.29. I paid it no mind till my wife said something about it. She said they are always $1.29 and you have to pay extra for cheese. I said fo real she said yup then it hit me as to what they are about to do. They are about to jack the price up on it and it’s a slick way to do it. On the commercial they said it’s for a limited time only. When that’s over they can raise the price with no outrage. The king sees everything like always. It prolly has to do with the gas prices going up and it costs them more to move the merchandise around. I have a sneaking suspicion they trying to rustle up some extra coins to fight some lawsuits coming up on the horizon. The lawsuit is probably about the horsemeat scandal in Europe at the moment. For those that don’t know Burger King burgers in Europe were tested and they were found to have horsemeat in the composition. They getting their duckets together for a class action they see coming a mile away. That was their fault tho; shouldn’t have been cutting corners to begin with. It always comes back to bite you in your ass when you least expect it. I guess they figured no one would find out. In all business you have to take risks I guess; but when you blatantly show no regard for your consumers it shows a certain level of contempt for the general populace. I’m sure people would have still ate a horse whopper if you told them but the sneakiness involved is troubling. Transparency is the main issue involved here and the lack thereof. More proof that money outweighs morality on this 3rd rock from the sun. Just another day in the life, stay regal.

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  • jackenthebox

    LOL and it used to be $1.07 not even that long ago – and it was $1 for years. They just jacked it up on the price and it wouldn’t surprise me if they jack it up again.

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