Whoever handles your demographics needs to be shot. I have a startling piece of information for the  big wigs in your organization; people in the hood have emails. That’s right, not only that they sign up for your special offers and try to redeem them at their local franchise only to be told that they can’t be honored at that location. Hungry man rant commences right about now. I received an email to notify me of customer appreciation deal that was being run. 2 large 1 topping pxxxa’s for $11.99. I try to enter the promo code online and it tells me the code is invalid for the one near me. I read the fine print on the email and it says you can call and give the code. When I call no one knows what the f**k I am talking about but they said if I bring the email down I can get it. I bare the elements and get there and the bulls**t is still afoot. I even show the manager I can’t do it online on my phone and he tells me to call the 800 number.

Why should I have to do that when it’s proof I’m not lying when you see the email with your own eyes? We go back and forth for 5 minutes before I let out a healthy f**k it and kicked rocks. I was sitting in the car baffled as to what just happened. My naga senses started tingling and for some reason something told me to put in another zip code and select a store. I put in a supposedly affluent area code and it accepted the code. Surprise surprise( obvious sarcasm). Yall on that bulls**t too? Why couldn’t I get the special in my zip code but one 20 minutes away could get the special? I honestly don’t go looking for racial undertones in every single thing. But c’mon man. I tried put the code in 5 separate times, no go. I put it in another zip code it works the first time.  Newsflash for the uniluminated, the hood is a microcosm of society.

There are highly intelligent people that reside there. Some by choice some by circumstance. The majority of people in the hood are decent hardworking people taking care of their families the best they can. I know I have spent stacks on yall product over the years but I guess I’m still a third class customer that’s not supposed to ask questions huh? Possible oversight maybe, sloppy data gathering is feasible but being denied with proof in hand is just downright tacky. Get yall ish together. Yall gone make me f**k around and a make a McDowell’s on yall.


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