Somebody’s Daughter

The more I grow the more my outlook changes on life. Since I became a husband and a father I don’t even look at women with the same lust I used to. I came outside to this flyer on my windshield and that was the first thought that ran thru my mind. Somebody failed as a father and his child is getting ate by the street life. Most dudes could care less about some naked woman; they just care that she is naked and how phat her ass and titties are. Imagine what she could have been if she had people that made a positive impact in her life. A daughter needs her father just as much if not more than her mother. I didn’t care about stuff like this for a long time. Things that I used to be into no longer appeal to me. The smell of sweat, vagina and liquor is an intoxicating mix that is repulsive to me now. The devil’s lasso is loosening up on me slowly.

The underworld and all of its outlets are becoming corny to me now. They are even comical to an extent because my understanding of game is reaching pharaoh like proportions. If game is being ran on the planet Neptune I am pretty sure I can spot from my couch. I guess the God in me is getting stronger. Strippers think they are hustling but they are actually the one’s getting hustled. Taking home a couple of g’s but the house made 50 stacks off of them. Somebody’s daughter wasn’t groomed to look at the bigger picture and realize that in all businesses the owners always come out on top. She owns her body but instead of pimping herself she leaves it for the next man to do. That same hustle mentality translates to other things that wouldn’t require her to degrade herself. She could keep her clothes on and they are far more lucrative. If she a slut that’s one thing but if she is just lazy that’s another.

Somebody’s daughter needs to grow and realize that stigma is going to be with her for life even if she changes down the line. I know sluts serve a purpose; they keep the murder rate down. If they didn’t have sex with everybody there would be a lot of angry beards floating round these streets. At the same time I kinda feel sorry for them. They have to walk around naked in front of people that look at them as objects nothing more nothing less. Not people just objects. It’s a choice they make tho. The cape isn’t flapping in the wind; don’t take it as that. If I saw my daughter presenting herself in that life that means I am a piss poor father and my shortcomings would be on display for the world to see. Somebody’s daughter didn’t start out that way but that’s where she ended up. The lack of concern for her by the people that are supposed to care pushed her down a path to look for what she needs. Attention and the illusion of being wanted sends many a woman down the path to whoredom. By the time they wake up and realize their worth their past life will be ingrained in their children. Her son will grow up thinking all women ain’t s**t and her daughter will think that it’s cool to live that lifestyle. The cycle continues all because a man just wanted a nut but not the responsibility of being a father.

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    Damn this one made me think…Since im not with my daughters mother anymore but im trying to be in my daughters life as much as possible so my daughter is not the one in this picture smh.

    • kingj

      You still making the effort though and that what matters most. A father’s love is different than a mother’s love especially when it comes to girls. If you show her enough love and attention during her younger years the less chance that she will seek it from other men when she is older. You can’t be too harsh though because then they rebel against you and harbor resentment. The simple fact you still in her life after what happen between you and the mother says alot about your character. To most dudes when they done with the mother it’s like a get out jail free card and they go back to the whorin ways.

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