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Let’s face it, the odds are stacked against the common man. From the rising cost of living to the tough job market, many folks are rubbing crumbs together to get by. I don’t know bout you and your financial situation, but it seems like every time I get a little bit of bread saved life has a way of depleting the rainy day fund. The car needs repairing all of sudden, gas and electricity go up for no reason or the leasing office decides to rape your pockets by jacking the rent up. As Marvin Gaye use to sing, It makes me wanna holler, The way they do my life!!

I present to you a system I learned at one of my old jobs. One day I was talking a coworker from Nigeria and we were discussing money matters. He explained to me that in Nigeria they had this lottery that existed between families that helped one another build wealth gradually. Each family agreed to put a certain amount into the pot each month. Each month they would draw a name and that family would receive the pot. Every family involved was guaranteed to win the lottery one time a year. Say 6 families put $100 in the lottery, the prize would be $600 a month. Add to the fact they were guaranteed to win once a year that means they received a 600% return on their original investment. Over time one could see how this could build wealth by gradually increasing the monthly contribution.

This is how many immigrants that come to this country gradually build businesses and empires. By relying on each other and not a bank, they are able to see their dreams turn into reality. By thinking outside of the box, you can see your paper stack in ways you would never think possible. We have been trained to always go to the bank and expect a miracle. This system completely cuts that dynamic out of the equation and it proves to you that financial freedom is possible on your own terms. I suggest you star doing this with trustworthy friends and family, your not gonna be able to do this with everyone for obvious. Alot of people only think about right now and not the future. In the words of a wise tow truck driver I met one time:” Alot of people have 50Cent brains and they will never be able to think about a $1.” Peace and Blessings.

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